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Nigel Hodges & Alan Deane - The two that run the show here at Rural Building Solutions. 

Shed Showcase


We all tend to think of dairies as strictly functional buildings, but this 54 bail rotary we’ve built in Outram is set to challenge that thinking. 
From the start our clients were clear that the dairy was to be aesthetically balanced as well as fit for purpose.  We knew from the briefing that this was not just a building, but an addition to the presence of the farm itself.

‘Robert and Fleur had many ideas for their dairy and it really has their stamp on it – a very individual project’ says Nigel.   ‘This means they’ve got their dream dairy exactly as they want it, and we are proud to have provided that’.
‘We encourage our clients to be actively involved. This worked really well with Robert and Fleur and meant plenty of discussion and questions – and no surprises!  We think this makes it easier on everyone’ says Nigel.
A particularly striking feature is the entrance to the dairy – with many sheds this is a side door but here the entry is specific and spacious. ‘It’s obvious where people are meant to go – you pull up to the entrance and it’s very welcoming’.  The side walls are partly open as well so you can see straight through to the platform – it gives a perception of open spaces which reflects the surrounding farm.   

And how did the Scurrs feel about working with RBS?  
‘Our experience was great,’ Robert said.
‘Because RBS are a specialised dairy builder, they really focus on that instead of us installing a new dairy, and getting a random shed builder to cover it. The shed is a crucial part of the project and we are really proud of it.  Everything under their control was done to the highest quality, and the example they set made all the other tradesmen lift their game’.


IMG-20210721-WA0000 (2)_edited.jpg

Proud owners Fleur & Robert Scurr of Taurima Farms with Nigel and Alan

Guiney Early start August 2021 (edited).jpg
Replacement shed and old yard (edited).jpg

Feature Project

Now here’s something a bit different. A new 54 bail rotary shed and yard extension built directly on the site of the old, down in Fairlie.  And all to be done within the drying off period so there was no disruption to milking at all.  A pretty tight timeframe!

First the old shed had to be demolished and removed, without damaging the yards.  Then the new build started - with foundations integrating to the existing yards.



Due to the timeframe and the complex nature of working on an existing site, our Construction Manager Alan had plenty of detailed planning to do.  We couldn’t afford any downtime from lack of organisation. Nigel says ‘Alan is very efficient at planning, in fact it’s an absolute strength of his’.   The team got stuck in and did what they always do – a co-ordinated smooth build.

We completed right on time so our client could hit the ground running this spring.

Our client said ‘Not many builders would be organised enough to do it and do it properly. Nigel said he could do it, and they did – on time and on budget, as simple as that’.

 It’s the first time we’ve done a new shed exactly on the site of the old one.  It worked very well, maximising use of the dry period.


If disruption to milking is putting you off that shed replacement, talk to Nigel 0274 270 557 Alan 021 575 188.


Who We Are

About Our Company

Rural Building Solutions Ltd is owned by Nigel and Ruth Hodges. They started the business in 2009 with a vision of  bringing corporate building quality to the rural sector. 

Nigel had previously worked in the commercial building industry and was foreman on projects across Christchurch, Dunedin and Auckland. He then looked at the rural building industry.

Nigel says he noticed the contrast between commercial and rural builds was significant, not just in scale but in quality and innovation.  He decided to use his skills to provide a better level of service to rural areas of Canterbury. 

Rural Building Solutions operates within the greater Canterbury region, taking in North Canterbury, including  the Culverden Basin, and all of Central and Mid Canterbury.  Recently RBS also has developed a strong presence in Kaikoura, Otago and the West Coast.

Nigel provides these areas with quality, innovative dairy sheds, effluent systems, feed pads and silage bunkers.  All require significant concrete construction and, unusually in the rural sector, Nigel is a qualified structural concrete specialist. 

Nigel says most of RBS's clients come from repeat business or referrals.
"Word of mouth is the best advertising you can get, and our reputation for quality is the result of us building every dairy shed as though it were a show shed." 

"Most of our staff are older and wiser, and they understand about doing things right the first time. This gives our projects a better finish and is also more cost effective."

Integrity is also key to the way RBS does business. This runs right through the company from staff selection to pricing. For example, estimates are very comprehensive, unambiguous, and include all most likely requirements, rather than relying on add-ons or variations later on.

Nigel says the strong culture of RBS is 'We do what we say'.
"Our clients get a structurally sound, well managed, well priced project with a good quality finish."
Rural Building Solutions is a registered Master Builder company. For more information call Nigel Hodges on 0274 270 557 or email


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Professional Employees

Nigel Hodges

Director, Rural Building Solutions