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Image by Leon Ephraïm

RBS News

If you missed any of our news articles and business updates on Social Media - check them out here! All saved below.

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'Projects on a grand scale'

Here at RBS, we do projects large and small, but our latest is bigger than most!
This project is a brand-new 716 cubicle feed pad we’re just finishing in Methven.

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'Old & New - A Building Site Balancing Act'

Here’s one of our latest projects, this time over on the West Coast – and yes there was plenty of rain for the first 5-6 weeks. 
With this build, the new 60 bail rotary was sited right next to the old shed.  Naturally this is quite a common situation, but not without its challenges when the old shed is still in continuous operation.

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'Form Meets Function'

We all tend to think of dairies as strictly functional buildings, but this 54 bail rotary we’ve built in Outram is set to challenge that thinking. 

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