We Build Projects That Last

Based in Darfield, and being accessible to North, Central, and Mid Canterbury, our focus is providing Canterbury dairy farmers with a professional service and innovative solutions. We also have a growing presence in the Kaikoura area, Otago and the West Coast.

60 Bail Rotary Dairy - Eyrewell

This award-winning rotary shed really highlights our custom design service.

Our client had individual requirements that have been well and truly fulfilled with this good looking shed - and the Masterbuild Award judges clearly agreed.  


In fact the shed was so well received, the project was extended to include integrated effluent systems, silage bunkers and feedpads.

As you can imagine, our open day for this site drew large numbers from around the region, keen to see the whole operation working together.   


24 Aside Herringbone Sheep Dairy Shed - Ashburton

Our first Sheep Milking Dairy is in progress! We love a new challenge - this one is making fast progress. Keep checking back for more updated photos!

Cubicle Feed Pad - Methven


The cubicle feed pad is essentially a wintering barn except it doesn’t have a roof. 

The cows are able to be fed when in there and are free to eat whenever they feel like it or they can sit down on the purpose made rubber mats.

The advantage of a cubicle feed pad over a normal feed pad is you can keep the cows on this for extended periods of time where you can't do this on a feed pad. 


44 Bail Rotary Dairy Shed - Sheffield

Realising a long held dream for our clients, this dairy project extended beyond the shed itself to a full layout concept of where everything from tanker access, effluent ponds and cow lanes should go.

We even factored in retention of existing shelter belts.  Our clients were delighted with the turnout at the open day we held to showcase their new shed.     

60 Bail Rotary - Alford Forest

Our first silver award winning shed! We are proud of this high quality practical shed, and so is our client.  In the judges words, it ‘showcases innovation and collaboration”.  

The shed is designed for good cow flow, with a high vented roof to remove condensation and allow closed in areas for weather protection.

A vet platform gives maximum access with minimal disruption, and a pre-cast centre sump in the yard combats the common problem of centre sumps rotting and breaking.