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We Build Projects That Last

Based in Darfield, and being accessible to North, Central, and Mid Canterbury, our focus is providing Canterbury dairy farmers with a professional service and innovative solutions. We also have a growing presence in the Kaikoura area, Otago and the West Coast.

60 Bail Rotary - Rakaia

Our latest Dairy shed under construction! Stay tuned for more updates!

54 Bail Rotary - Darfield

The newest Dairy milking shed on the block! This shed turned out just how we imagined! Looking super smart with the red american barn look, as well as being super functional and high quality.

60 Bail Rotary Dairy - Eyrewell

Feedpad, Effluent, Silage Bunkers & Concrete Lanes - Eyrewell

This is a job of many aspects! Lots of concrete and hard work is involved in this job along with a lot of planning to ensure a smoothly run project for the owner! This work has all been done while the farm is still operating AND winter milking was happening.

This award-winning rotary shed really highlights our custom design service.

Our client had individual requirements that have been well and truly fulfilled with this good looking shed - and the Masterbuild Award judges clearly agreed.  


In fact the shed was so well received, the project was extended to include integrated effluent systems, silage bunkers and feedpads.

As you can imagine, our open day for this site drew large numbers from around the region, keen to see the whole operation working together.