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What our clients say...

"RBS completed the contract on time and within budget, producing a high quality finish that meets all of our expectations.
We hope to use RBS in the future as our preferred construction provider."

- Leo Donkers, Camden Group


We chose RBS to build our first shed because they were local and we’d heard good things about them.

We chose them to build our next three because they just did an excellent job, on time and in budget.   

There is no need for a time consuming tendering process - we know who we will go with.

The way Nigel manages projects is spot on. I could just get on with what I needed to, not co-ordinating subbies etc which he did seamlessly.

He also keeps you properly updated though – his level of detail is just right.

On one of our projects, the platform providers sent out the wrong platform to the shed.

This could have been an issue, but Nigel just quickly and efficiently sorted it, and we still finished on time and on budget.

With another project, we bought the farm in December, and were milking in our new, fully consented shed by July.

This was fast by any standards and certainly didn’t happen by accident.

RBS had a large part to play in this speedy result, because they were so well organised and experienced with everything from consents to commissioning the shed.

Having worked with RBS multiple times now I would describe the relationship we have with Nigel and Alan as without fault – excellent really.    


Our RBS sheds are still going strong; one is now 12 years old.  They are high quality, cheap to run and still look like brand new.  

Would we use RBS again? Well I think 4 sheds is testament in itself to that!

For rural building projects, RBS should be your first port of call.

- Pete Morrison , P&E Ltd






“RBS exceeded our expectations throughout the process – from their professionalism as a company to their time and site management.

I’m a strong, opinionated person, and I wanted a few things done a bit differently.  Nigel was really easy to talk to and he was all over the different ideas.

We wanted an insulated roof in the dairy because I know what it’s like to stand in a dairy with condensation.  Nigel took that idea and just made it work”     

- Peter Schouten

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