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Old and New - A Building Site Balancing Act


Here’s one of our latest projects, this time over on the West Coast – and yes there was plenty of rain for the first 5-6 weeks. 
With this build, the new 60 bail rotary was sited right next to the old shed.  Naturally this is quite a common situation, but not without its challenges when the old shed is still in continuous operation.
We always aim for minimal disruption to the day to day running of the older shed, whilst ensuring our own building site is as efficient as possible. The key to balancing these requirements is getting a detailed understanding of our client’s daily schedule and fitting in with them. We also make sure there are no surprises in terms of our daily activities, deliveries, concrete pours etc.
In this case the existing lanes originally went straight through where the new yard is, so they had to be realigned early on. Also, we had to allow enough room at the end of the new shed for milk tanker access to the vats on the old shed. You can see these modifications in the aerial photo below.

IMG_1460 edited.jpg

Everything went to plan, and our client said, “Other than covid, it all went really smoothly. You’d be hard pressed to find better builders. The new shed is all working exactly as it should – I’m very pleased with it”. 


And Nigel says, “This is another example of us working around an existing dairy and making it work for cows, staff and of course us and the wider construction team”.  

Due to the slightly remote location of Ngahere, our guys stayed at the local pub during the project and were very well looked after. Our client said they all fitted in so well in the small community, and some good friendships have been forged, so that the guys have even returned in their own time.

We have some great memories of Ngahere and a satisfied client who has signed up for another project with us already.

If your new shed builders need to be experts in working around an existing dairy, then talk to Nigel or Alan.


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